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Lavender Quartz

  • Date : Jul-03-2015

The Lavender Quartz looks brilliant with its pinkish purple texture. It's lilac pink color is due to the presence of manganese or titanium. The translucent quartz is known as a powerful stone for its healing qualities. It is a stone of love, happiness, healing and hope. Lavender Quartz comes up as a boon to people who are going through turmoil in life. Keeping the Lavender Quartz Gemstone helps them to come out of problems as a winner whether its a bad health, failure in love, or loss in business. Its nothing less than a magical wand for happiness in life.

The individuals seeking peace and divine guidance will find Lavender Quartz of great help. It will help them to attain spirituality and ecstasy. Meditating under the soothing purple rays increases the power of meditation twenty folds.

We, Ratna Sagar Jewels offer you beautiful and supreme quality Lavender Quartz Gemstone in array of attractive shapes like flowers, dew drops, tear drops, leaves, cubes, heart etc. Go for the shape you like and fill your life with joy, peace and positivity.

Why to Opt for Ratnasagarjewels over Others?

  • Date : Apr-30-2015

No doubt, the mystical power and beauty of gemstones have made them a priced possession for many. It’s no secret that market is overflowing with hundreds of benefactors, proffering a host of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads at lucrative prices and eye-rolling designs. If recent reports are to be believed, every year thousands of users fall prey to fake gemstone beads owing to dearth of awareness.  Fact can’t be overlooked that cherry-picking an authentic vendor is not as easy as pie. It demands an eye for detail, astute analysis and little bit research work. 

 Take a quick glance at some of the key attributes that one should ascertain prior making a final purchase:

  • Should Have Rich Industry Experience
  • Should offer AAA or 4A Certified Gemstone Beads
  • Should Offer Customized Products to Meet Unique User’s Demand
  • Should Be Equipped With Avant-garde Technology & Resources
  • Should Offer an Array of Designs, Colors, and Shapes
  • Should Be Scalable Enough to Timely Accommodate Customer’s Requirements
  • Should Ensure Fastest and Secure Delivery of Products
  • Should be Following Strict Quality Parameter Checks
  • Should Strives to Ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Should Offer Cost- effective yet Efficient Products

Why RatnasagarJewels.com?

Key Highlights

v  AAA and 4A Quality Gemstone Beads

v  Extensive Experience in Gemstone Beads Industry

v  Natural Raw Material Imported from Brazil, Australia

v  2000+ Huge Catalogue of 100% Authentic Beads

v  Robust Technology plus Skilled Artisans

v  Anytime, Anywhere Delivery

v  Extensive Stock to Meet Surging Market Demands

v  Fastest Delivery within 3-4 Business Days Through UPS

v  Economical Prices

Being the manufacturer of genuine beads, Ratnasagarjewels provides products at a price which is relatively lesser than what other providers have to offer.  Our erudite artisans can help designing gemstone beads as per your provided specifications that too in your stipulated time frame.  

 If you have any query, or feedback to share, feel free to reach out to us at: ……


Let Your Love for Gemstone Beads Come Alive In the JA New York Exhibition!

  • Date : Apr-23-2015

Jewelry is the most fascinating accessory for women of all age groups and when these women get jewelry studded with gemstone beads the level of happiness several folds- Ratna Sagar Jewels is constantly making some tremendously incredible designs using the world’s most beautiful colored gemstone beads.

Ratna Sagar Jewels are a team of perfectionists who have more than twenty years of experience in serving people not only with exclusive gemstones but also with exquisite shapes. They are wholesalers and manufacturers of AAA quality colored gemstone beads and if you check their collection you will see only the best quality gemstone beads.

This year 2015 calls for a very special day when Ratna Sagar Jewels is organizing and putting up their grand and new show in JA New York, Booth No 3637 and this exhibition of the highest quality of gemstone beads will mark the beginning of a new era of gorgeous gemstone collection. This exhibition will display a huge collection of gemstone beads and necklaces made exclusively for you. All of these exclusive necklaces are the combination of AAA quality colored gemstone beads and extraordinarily unique shapes- some of which are:

  • Ruby Gemstone Beads
  • Mandarin Garnet Beads
  • Tsavorite Gemstone Beads
  • Labradorite Blue Fire Beads
  • Ethiopian Opal Beads
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Beads
  • Chromediopside
  • Precious Gemstone Multi and many More

Over the last twenty years we have made sure that we successfully meet the requirements and the specifications of each of our clients and deliver them only the best gemstone beads but also provide the possible pace of delivery at right your place. Their quality and perfection have always been the choice of people and the various exhibitions that they have set over the past couple of years have been a success because each exhibition had something phenomenal to display.

The JA New York Exhibition is an endeavor by Ratna Sagar Jewels to display their endowment in all parts of the world and make some really happy new customers. 

Log on tohttp://www.ja-newyork.com/exhibitor/register-booth-staff.shtml  to be a part of the exhibition and see what Ratna Sagar Jewels has in store for you.

“We’re sure you will love our work and our efforts.”

Thanks,Ratna Sagar Jewels Filled with Fantabulous People.

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